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Alphabetical list of staff in the Montréal and Québec regional offices.

Montréal Regional Office

Telephone : 514-875-7100 or toll-free : 1 800-642-8020

Baby, Marie-Pier, Administrative Assistant, Grievance and Adjudication

Barrière, Yvon, Regional Executive Vice-President : 514-875-2690

Bisson, Sylviane, Administrative Assistant

Doutre, Carlin, Union Advisor

Dubois, Karine, Legal Advisor

Duclervil, Wesney, Union Advisor

Dutka, Christine, Grievance and Adjudication Officer

Fortin, Jean-Michel, Union Advisor

Gueye, Thioro, Union Advisor

Lachapelle, Alain, Union Advisor

Lapierre-Ouellet, Catherine, Union Advisor

Lavoie, Bertrand, Regional Coordinator

Leclerc, Cathy, Assistant to the Regional Executive Vice-President

Malchelosse, Marie,

Messier, Jérôme, Regional Organizing Officer

Mundela, Marie-Ange, Secretary

Patry-Cloutier, David, Regional Political Communications Officer

Renaud, Isabelle, Regional Education Officer

St-Louis, Patrick, Secretary

Vallée-Payette, Jonathan, Union Advisor


Québec Regional Office

Telephone : 418-666-6500 or toll-free : 1-800-566-6530

Beaumont, Lyne, Secretary

Grenier, Nathalie, Administrative Assistant

Ivic, Jovanka, Regional Health and Safety Officer

Pelletier, Normand, Union Advisor

Rainville, Natalie, Union Advisor

Séguin-Tremblay, Maude, Union Advisor