A word from the REVP: A rollercoaster year that seems poised for a repeat

Looking back, 2021 seems like a bad sequel of 2020 that no one wanted or asked for. We entered this year on the same note of uncertainty that marked the year before it, not knowing if the collective nightmare that began back in March 2020 would finally be coming to an end.

Despite all this, we faced the year with outstanding efficiency both in our work (or rather remote work for most) and our union activities. Collective agreements were signed for more than 175,000 members, two strike mandates were secured in Quebec in December alone which motivated the employer to sign, and we tackled many other projects and challenges.

We were all hoping life would go back to normal in 2022. But despite mass vaccination, health guidelines, the lockdown, COVID-19 screenings, the economic slowdown and inflation, it seems we will have to step up our efforts. 

2022 will be more crucial than ever as we fight this virus and work to improve our quality of life and working conditions. To succeed, we must be active and engaged. We have to reinvent and motivate ourselves. Our union must be the lever of our success. We have to stand by our members, keep them informed and rally them to our cause. With the pandemic and inflation hanging over our heads, mental health and wage increases are a priority.

“Happiness is good health and a bad memory.”

Ingrid Bergman

So, dear friends, members, colleagues, comrades, as per tradition, I wish you, now more than ever, much happiness, health and prosperity in the coming year. I also wish you much cheer, madness, creativity, energy, strength and courage to bring your projects and passions to fruition and withstand these gloomy times.

Happy New Year!

Yvon Barrière, National Executive Vice-President