Alternate REVP-Québec Election: 4th round is required

The result of the election that ended at 5 pm tonight did not result in a simple majority. A fourth round will be necessary. Delegates will receive tomorrow an email by Intelivote.

The results are:

  • Members with right to vote: 131
  • Lyne Cartier :45
  • François Paradis : 25
  • France Filion : 22
  • Spoiled ballot: 0
  • Simple majority: 47

If you haven’t received anything by noon June 5, please contact Marie-Ange Mundela at 1-438-315-3113 or She will help you find a solution and make voting easier.

Note that you have until June 6 at 5 p.m. to vote. The results will be announced on the same day, no later than around 6 p.m.

Don’t forget that Marie-Ange is there if you have difficulty voting electronically for your candidate.

In solidarity,

Greg McGillis, Chief Electoral Officer