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October 2022


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Course Descriptions


Shop Steward (1 or 2 days)*

PSAC has developed a set of training modules for shop stewards so we can offer a learning path tailored to members’ needs and interests. The modules available are:

  • Building our Union
  • Grievances: An Overview
  • Human Rights in the Workplace
  • Role of Stewards
  • Steward as Problem-Solver
  • Why Unions?
  • Connecting with Indigenous Members
  • Connecting with Members with Disabilities
  • Creating Gender Equality
  • Defending LGBTQ2+ Members against Homophobia
  • Defending Trans Members’ Rights in the Workplace
  • The Duty to Accommodate
  • Union Update: Spotlight on Employment Equity
  • Employment Equity in the Workplace
  • Mental Health Matters
  • Stewards as Allies for Racial Justice
  • Creating Harassment-free Workplaces
  • Duty of Fair Representation (DFR)
  • The Politics of Economics in the Workplace
  • Planning for Action
  • What Stewards Need to Know about Health and Safety
  • Working Strategically through Conflict

Convention Preparation (1 day)*

Union activists acquire the tools they need to participate in their union’s convention. This course deals with the work to be done in preparation for convention. It zeroes in on the issues that call for resolutions and strategies.

Talking Union Basics (2 days)*

Union activists acquire valuable tools to engage in their local and make sure it runs smoothly. The course, often a pre-requisite for other union education courses, also introduces participants to PSAC and FTQ structures.

Local Officers (2 days)*

Participants acquire useful tools to perform administrative tasks and manage their local efficiently. This course motivates them to play an active role in their workplace. It also provides an opportunity to develop skills and tactics for workplace meetings and effective consultation with management.

Employment Equity (2 days)*

This course gives participants the tools to promote workplace cultures that actively support employment equity. It encourages members to become actively involved in promoting and implementing employment equity.

Striking (1 day)*

This course answers the question, “What is a strike?” and explains strike procedure and individual roles and responsibilities.

Grievance Handling (2 days)*

Stewards and other workplace representatives learn to draw on their knowledge and skills to resolve workplace issues. This course is also a refresher for more experienced representatives. New stewards and members wishing to become stewards will be introduced to problem-solving and grievance procedure.

Introduction to Health and Safety Under Federal Jurisdiction (3 days)

This course covers health and safety issues in the workplace. What are the causes and symptoms? Which laws protect us and how are they enforced? Participants will learn how to develop an action plan to address these issues through the union.

Introduction to Health and Safety Under Provincial Jurisdiction (3 days)

This course covers health and safety issues in the workplace. What are the causes and symptoms? Which laws protect us and how are they enforced? Participants will learn how to develop an action plan to address these issues through the union.

* Course materials available in English


Human Rights (Under review)*

The object of this course is to form a network of activists to fight for human rights and equality within the union as well as in the community. We want to equip members to eliminate discrimination and encourage union participation on the part of equity-seeking groups at work.

Women in the Workplace

This course is for women in Quebec who want to create a network of activists in their workplaces, locals, regional committees, components and other relevant union bodies and community organizations. Participants should have an interest in promoting social equality based on the principles of social justice.

Multi-content Course for the University Sector

This dynamic course deals with health and safety, grievances, political action, legislation and local organization within the university sector under provincial jurisdiction.

Accommodating Members with Disabilities

Participants develop a broad capacity for effective representation on the duty to accommodate members with disabilities at the local level. Participants will acquire the tools and information to effectively represent members who require accommodation in the workplace.

Decibel Alert

This course familiarizes participants with the health problems caused by noise in their workplace. It covers the different types of noise, their health effects and how to reduce noise exposure. Participants learn how to develop an action plan to reduce noise exposure in the workplace and are introduced to an assistance program for Deaf and hard of hearing employees. The course explains in detail the compensation procedure for workers with occupational deafness.

Accident Investigation

This course helps participants to identify the facts relating to an accident/injury, interview witnesses, open an investigation file and carry out a methodical, well organized investigation. They also learn how to identify the causes of an accident or injury and formulate recommendations to improve conditions at the source.

Members of Health and Safety Committees Under Federal Jurisdiction

Were you designated by your union to sit on a workplace health and safety committee? Are you a health and safety representative? Then, you might be wondering:

  • What are my role and responsibilities?
  • How could Part II of the Canada Labour Code or the Act respecting occupational health and safety be helpful to me?
  • What other resources could support me in my role?

This course will provide answers to those questions and the tools you need to become a real “pro” on those committees.

Violence Prevention Under Federal Jurisdiction

Local officers become familiar with the provisions of the Canada Labour Code and the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases pertaining to prevention of workplace violence and compensation for workplace violence as an occupational injury. Along with developing a union approach to understanding workers’ rights and responsibilities, this course proposes a complaint procedure and protections for PSAC members.

CNESST Claims Procedure

Learn how to assist members who are submitting a CNESST claim for an occupational accident or injury. Participants will review the Act, learn how to draft a claim and look at the overall compensation procedure, appeals, negotiating clauses and developing strategies for working with employers and the CNESST.

* Course materials available in English

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