Areas & Directorates

PSAC-Quebec is made up of eight district councils, one sectoral council and four directorates whose purpose is to liaise between component locals or branches, DCLs, and constitutionally recognized regional committees. Their role includes community, social and recreational affairs in their respective communities; promoting and coordinating PSAC campaigns, such as political action; promoting federations of labour and district labour councils; disseminating information and providing training workshops and seminars in matters directly relating to the functions of district or sectoral councils. The president or director of each body also sits on the Quebec Council.

Area Councils

Estrie/Bois-Francs Area Council (D1)

Laval/Laurentides/Lanaudière/Abitibi-Témiscamingue Area Council (D2)

President: Éric Villeneuve

Vice-president: Nancy Boudreau

Secretary: Annick Lamoureux 

Treasurer: Agnès Valiquette

Health and Safety: Nelly Vargas

Women’s Coordinator: Annick Lamoureux 

Equity Coordinator: Nancy Boudreau

Québec City Area Council (D3)

President: Stéphanie Rochon

Mauricie Area Council (D4)

President: Jimmy Mailhot

Saguenay/Lac-Saint-Jean/Chibougamau/Chapais Area Council (D5)

President: Sébastien Tremblay

Vice-president: Steeve Harvey 

Secretary-treasurer: Marc-André Gobeil 

Women’s Coordinator: Marie-Pier Richard

Montérégie Area Council (D6)

President: Jean-Nicolas Minville

Vice-president: Réginald Bernatchez

Secretary: Marie-Hélène Leclerc

Treasurer: Lyne Cartier

Health and Safety: Marie-Claude Dupont

Education: Frédéric Prigot

Communications: (vacant)

Women’s Coordinator: Lyne Cartier

Human Rights Coordinator: Lyne Cartier

Young Worker Coordinator: Jenny-Lee McLaughlin

Montréal Area Council (D7)

President: Frédéric Boucher-Legault

Vice-president: Sophie Martin

Secretary: Sébastien Paquette

Treasurer: Kevin Quentin Njingun Ngango

Health and Safety: Wendyam Carole Kabore Mireille

Education: Francesca Dorvilier

Political Action: Baye Mohamed Mbengue

Women’s Coordinator: Sophie Martin

Equity Coordinator: Sophie Hough-Martin

Young Worker Coordinator: Charles Gaudreau

Bas-Saint-Laurent/Gaspésie/Îles-de-la-Madeleine/Côte-Nord Area Council (D8)

President: Sonia Gagné

Sectoral Council and Directorates

Conseil québécois des syndicats universitaires (CQSU)

President: Sébastien Paquette

Secretary: Serigne Babacar Fall

Treasurer: Olivia Elza Guiazong Noutseche

Communication and Mobilization: Jeanne Joachim

Directly Chartered Locals

Director: France Lebel

Equity Groups

Director: Mamadou Ndiaye


Director: Sonya Simard

Young Workers

Director: (vacant)