FTQ: For an anti-racist trade unionism, without compromise

As part of the 2022 Action Week Against Racism, the Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec (FTQ) is launching an awareness campaign and toolkit called “Pour un syndicalisme antiraciste, sans compromis” (For an anti-racist trade unionism, without compromise). The aim is to build a labour movement that’s strong and inclusive. The tools will offer things to think about and tangible ways to become anti-racist trade unions and unionists.

“As trade unionists, we have a big responsibility: namely, to represent and defend our members in all their diversity. We’ve long been calling, in no uncertain terms, for social dialogue on an equal footing with governments. But dialogue within our organization is just as important,” says FTQ President Daniel Boyer. “It’s our responsibility to listen, ask questions, engage in dialogue, raise awareness, persuade, and work together to bring about a vision that propels our movement.”

“We need to look at our organizational structures and make them more inclusive, and rework the language in our collective agreements to include marginalized groups,” says Danielle Dubuc, a long-time PSAC-Quebec member and activist. “Our role at the union level is to be more focused on social justice.”

The campaign will include videos, a toolkit, fact sheets, and networking and outreach activities. In the coming weeks, the campaign page will be updated with new tools.