Fort St-Jean members ratify new agreement

Last Thursday, our Corporation du Fort St-Jean members signed a new collective agreement bringing tangible gains. 

“We’re proud of our Fort St-Jean members. Together with the employer, they worked hard to find win-win solutions,” lauded PSAC-Quebec Executive Vice-President Yvon Barrière. “We always hope the talks will be this conciliatory, cordial and respectful.”

The previous collective agreement expired in March. Thirteen bargaining sessions later, the parties arrived at a mutually satisfactory tentative agreement.

The deal features a number of improvements: 

  • A bank of 75 paid union leave hours per fiscal year, up from 37.5.
  • A bank of 10 unpaid union education leave days, up from 6. 
  • The employer will enforce a policy on workplace violence and psychological harassment.
  • A new procedure for choosing vacation time will be implemented.
  • The employer must now wait 5 days rather than 2 before asking employees on sick leave for a medical certificate and must cover the cost of obtaining it. 
  • Self-funded leave may now be taken after 3 years, not 5. 
  • Self-funded leave may now be taken once every 5 years rather than just once in an employee’s career.
  • Employees have a new procedure to follow in the event of a workplace accident. 
  • On assignment, higher pay will be given after 3 hours, not 3 days. 
  • The additional floating day must be taken between the date determined by the employer and January 31. 
  • Overtime: meal allowance now $20, up from $15. 
  • Availability bonus: $17.25 (up from $15) on working days and $23 (up from $20) on holidays.
  • Wage increases:
    • Annual increase for all employees
      • Upon signature of the Collective Agreement: 8.5% 
      • July 1, 2024: 2.25%
      • July 1, 2025: 2.25%
      • July 1, 2026: 2.50%
      • July 1, 2027: 2.00%
  • Step salary increases will be 4% every 12 months, down from 6%. 
  • $1,500 signing bonus for employees when the collective agreement is signed: $500 as a gift card (no deduction) and $1,000 in a separate pay cheque with payroll deductions.