Maintaining your membership in good standing

It is important for members who are on extended leave or absence from work, acting assignment or who experience Phoenix-related issues to maintain their membership in good standing.

By remaining a member and not cutting ties with your union, you can ensure you are adequately represented and continue to enjoy member benefits such as Coughlin’s additional life insurance, promotions on products and services and the opportunity to take part in the union’s democratic activities including conventions. 

A new online form is now available on the PSAC website whereby members can request to remain in good standing in absence of union dues. The same form will serve for members who are on leave from their substantive position and subject to the PSAC Constitution Section 4, Sub-Section (2) (a) to (k), and members who are experiencing problems because of Phoenix.

Requests to remain in good standing are processed by the Executive Office, as provided by the PSAC Constitution.

Membership in Good Standing Request