Members working at the University of Quebec at Rimouski reached a tentative agreement

Rimouski, February 24, 2021 – Members of Local 12600 of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Québec Region (PSAC-Québec) have reached a tentative agreement with the employer. Members will vote on this agreement in early March.

The hundred or so members have obtained many wins. Among other things, workers will have access to contribute to the Fonds de solidarité de la FTQ and will obtain compensation in the event of a breach of contract.

In addition, the statutory holiday allowance is increased from 3.6% to 5%. Specific wording on sexual violence will also be included in the collective agreement.

“I am delighted and proud of the work carried out by the negotiating committee with the unwavering support of the staff of PSAC-Quebec. It just goes to show that hard work and solidarity bear fruit, ”said Yvon Barrière, regional executive vice-president of PSAC-Québec.

When ratified by members, this agreement will be in effect until 2024, unifying the entire PSAC-Quebec university community.

This will be a third collective agreement for this group with the PSAC-Quebec.

About PSAC-Québec

PSAC represents more than 180 000 members across Canada. An FTQ affiliate, PSAC-Québec has more than 42 000 members in the federal public sector, universities and the private sector.