Mobilization intensifies at Old Port of Montréal

Hoping to come to an agreement in upcoming mediations, and tired of dealing with a disrespectful and unaccommodating employer, members of the Old Port of Montréal Corporation are stepping up their mobilization efforts.

All uniformed Old Port workers solidarily abandoned their uniforms to express to the employer that they have had enough. Members also wore badges displaying various slogans.

But of all mobilization efforts, Clown Nose Day, on March 4, certainly drew the most attention. 

Why the clown’s nose?

  • Because the Old Port of Montreal Corporation and the Canada Lands Company must stop taking us for clowns.
  • Because they must understand that if the clown is sad, it’s because of the offer they made, and the fact that we are underpaid.
  • Because behind the clown’s nose there is grief and sorrow.
  • But out of professionalism, we continue to put smiles on the faces of visitors young and old at our outdoor venue and the Montreal Science Centre.

Lying makes the nose grow

What management appears to be saying:

  • If we submitted this wage offer, it’s because the union did not submit its own.  

Our answer is simple:

  • You take us for clowns, but don’t take us for fools! If we did not submit an offer, it’s because we followed the agenda that was agreed to between the parties.

Nose-to-nose with reality

The employer’s offer sends a very clear message:

  • It demonstrates how little recognition it has for its staff.
  • It undoubtedly impoverishes the workers of Old Montreal.
  • It further poisons the atmosphere at the Old Port.
  • It further devalues our members and minimizes their contribution during this pandemic.
  • It doesn’t keep up with the rising cost of living and decreases the quality of life of our staff.
  • It will increase the already high level of turnover.

The next mediation sessions between the SEVPM-PSAC bargaining team and the employer are scheduled for March 21-22. PSAC will begin strike training during the month. Keep an eye on our website for most recent updates.