Mobilization ramping up at the Old Port of Montreal

Early last Saturday, some of the bargaining team and Executive of PSAC Local 10333 were at the Old Port of Montreal to meet with members who work there.

This solidarity event was an excellent opportunity to inform members about the many issues in this collective bargaining and to take stock of the difficult relationship with the employer, the Old Port of Montréal Corporation Inc.  

It also provided an occasion to meet with new hires for their first contact with their union. More than 40 employees talked about their working conditions, the issues in the current round of bargaining and the need to continue mobilizing.

Other mobilization activities

The next scheduled mediation meeting is May 4. In the meantime, other events are being planned as a way of putting pressure on the employer.

Since Sunday, more than 15 members have been wearing smocks with union slogans. This initiative is in addition to a series of mobilization activities such as wearing jogging clothes instead of the uniform, adding union slogans to name tags, and holding more meetings with members. We anticipate an increase in requests from other members for this type of action.