New collective agreement for Quebec airport firefighters

Members of Local 10140, Quebec Airport (YQB) Firefighters, have signed a new collective agreement that will be in effect for five years.

Collective agreement signing.

Hubert St-Onge, Christian Thibault, Donald Groleau (not present) and Louis-Rémy Marier were in the negotiation committee.

Also, Alain Lachapelle, AFPC-Quebec negotiator, Yvon Barrière, REVP, François Paradis, Quebec UCTE RVP.

Mélanie Desrosiers, AFPC-Quebec negotiator, was taking the picture.

The group of 20 firefighters achieved numerous gains including a 12.3% salary increase in value, confirmed 24-hour schedules and a guarantee to retain 20 permanent firefighters before resorting to temporary status jobs.

The pandemic had had unfortunate impacts on members of this group such as some layoffs. However, all members with permanent status were reinstated.

Congratulations to the negotiation committee and hats off to the PSAC-Quebec staff for their unwavering support!