Open letter: Illegal weapons don’t travel through our cities by bike

November 20, 2021

Dear Mayors,

The recent rise in gun violence in various Quebec cities affects us all. The Fraternité des constables du contrôle routier du Québec (FCCRQ) and the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Quebec Region (PSAC-Quebec) have not failed to notice this alarming trend. 

As mayors of the ten biggest cities in Quebec, this seemingly uncontrollable crisis is of particular concern to you. The FCCRQ humbly offers its assistance in stemming the flow of illegal weapons into your territories. 

A matter of political will 

The Quebec government can easily enlist Quebec’s 300 commercial vehicle enforcement officers in this war effort. Our ability to contribute hinges on two decisions. First, the Quebec government must integrate us into the Ministère de la Sécurité publique instead of keeping us under the Ministère des Transports. Second, we need to be given the protective tools to better fight crime. We already have the mandate to prevent and suppress crime, but we do not have the tools to do so. We even have the power to open loading spaces without a warrant, which police officers cannot do. 

Unfortunately, despite our repeated requests, Ministers Guilbeault and Bonnardel refuse to face reality. They’d rather keep us under the responsibility of the Ministère des Transports, which faces constant industry pressure to loosen legislation. How can we work effectively and fulfill our mandates under such conditions?  

The clock is ticking

Let’s be clear: illegal weapons don’t travel through our cities by bike. Quebec’s commercial vehicle enforcement officers are ready and willing to fight this scourge. We are offering you a hand. Help us help you by asking the Quebec government to act now. You must admit that with a little political will, we could make a tangible contribution to the war on illegal weapons.


Éric Labonté 

President of the Fraternité des constables du contrôle routier du Québec (FCCRQ)

Affiliated with PSAC-Quebec