Our program

PSAC-Quebec’s Education Program gives union members the tools they need to become activists. The program offers members a general overview that reinforces solidarity in Quebec and across Canada. Our Education Officers consult with members, locals, executives, elected officers, and regional committees in every region to develop courses that meet their needs.

Educators apply modern education theory to enliven programming, including: workshops, roleplays, and group activities that foster strategic thinking and creative problem-solving.

A very virtual fall 2021 training

Since PSAC has postponed all major activities and cancelled all in-person meetings until at least January 2021, union education in the region will be completely online this fall.

We are developing new tools that allow us to offer virtual training from your computer or tablet, but these tools aren’t ready yet. That is why we cannot post a full fall schedule as we normally would.

To participate in our webinars or online courses, you will need Internet access. As our platform is fairly interactive please use a computer or a tablet. Asmart phone or regular phone is also not conducive to open documents that we share during trainings.

Self-directed online courses will be posted as they become available.

We continue to expand our range of courses and webinars as our goal is to reinvent union education and offer new ways to better serve you.

Training dates for this next year will be available soon. For updates, please visit the Education section of our website regularly.