PSAC-Quebec congratulates the recipients of the 2nd Recognition Gala awards!

The 2nd PSAC-Quebec Recognition Gala was held on February 9, 2023. In collaboration with the Desjardins Caisse des Travailleuses et Travailleurs unis, seven prizes were awarded to this year’s exceptional recipients in seven categories.

Status of women

Andréanne Samson

Andréanne has been active in the union since 2014. She is now Director of Women on the PSAC-Quebec Regional Women’s Committees (RWCs), and was just elected Vice-President Representing Women at the FTQ. For several years, on a volunteer basis, she has chaired the board of directors of Le Parados, a women’s shelter in Montréal. She is proud to be a woman in a strong role within PSAC and the USJE and to have duties that enable her to defend and represent women. 

Environment and social justice

France Filion

France has been a PSAC-Quebec activist for many years and is a member of the FTQ’s Environment Committee. She puts environment-related resolutions forward at each of the events where she has that authority. She constantly encourages people to consider advancements in all areas of the environment, and makes it a point to bring as much information as possible to the table and to contribute new ideas aimed at improving our practices.


Danielle Dubuc

Danielle has been active within PSAC and CIU for more than 30 years, working tirelessly to promote and raise the profile of human rights within the labour movement and to ensure these issues are integrated in a meaningful way in various other areas of union life. People who know Danielle describe her as a dedicated activist, feminist and humanist. She is proud to represent equity groups and women and ardently defends members in discrimination, harassment and accommodation cases. She has also served as Vice-President for Workers of Colour on the CLC Executive. In her unique way, Danielle has inspired an entire generation of women to be involved in their union and to move up the ladder with confidence.


Valérie Busque

Valérie is actively involved in her workplace and has created a virtual training course for all new members of her local. This is the first time such an initiative has been available at Parks Canada, and it has helped train several members and future activists.


Martin Trudel-Racine

Martin and his colleagues have taken the initiative to organize several spectacular and unprecedented union drives and attention-getting actions. Martin has also created a virtual evening training program for UCTE members who work aboard Coast Guard vessels.

Emerging activists

Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs étudiants et postdoctoraux de l’Université Laval (STEP)

Since its creation, Université Laval’s union of student and postdoctoral workers (STEP) has implemented several initiatives and activities to promote the interests of young workers, notably by helping them succeed with their academic plans. STEP has also proactively reached out to its members regarding social issues that affect them, such as climate change, mental health, and sexual or psychological harassment in their academic or work environments.

Tribute to staff

Bertrand Lavoie

After many years as a PSAC-Quebec regional coordinator, Bertrand retired without fanfare during the pandemic. In his role, he helped PSAC-Quebec staff shine during the tenures of three different Regional Executive Vice-Presidents. Bertrand was loved by all, and his camaraderie, dedication and professionalism will be widely remembered.