Information session and ratification votes : PA, TC, EB and SV Groups.

PSAC members working for the Treasury Board will be able to vote in the coming weeks on their respective tentative agreement reached this summer. To be able to vote, you must ensure that you are a PSAC member in good standing. In addition, you must attend an information session. Please check this page regularly for the dates and times of the available information sessions. Find out everything you need to know about upcoming votes by visiting our special section. It is mandatory that you attend  a webinar specific to your bargaining unit to have your attendance recorded and your vote counted.

Please note that the registration period will end 3 hours before the Webinar.  Please note that gotowebinar is not supported on internet explorer. Please use a different browser to register for the webinars (chrome, firefox, edge etc.)

Group Date Time Links to join an information session Guests              
Information sessions and ratification votes : PA, TC, EB and SV Groups.
PA (English) Sept. 1 6pm Registration closed Julien Souque and Alex Silas
TC (Bilingual) Sept. 2 6pm

Registration closed

Pat St-Georges, Alex Silas and Yvon Barrière
EB (Bilingual) Sept. 10 6pm

Registration closed

Marie-Hélène Leclerc, Alex Silas and Yvon Barrière
SV (Bilingual) Sept. 22 4:30pm

Registration closed

Yvon Barrière and Alex Silas
PA (Bilingual) Sept. 24 4:30pm

Registration closed

(This webinar will be bilingual in spite of the confirmation message sent in French)

Colleen Coffey, Julien Souque and Yvon Barrière