Life membership nominations

Life Membership is the highest recognition that can be given to a member for outstanding service to the members of PSAC-Quebec. Life members are nominated at PSAC-Quebec triennial conventions and are listed on our Honour Roll and in Schedule C of our By-Laws, Regulations and Resolutions of Record.

To be presented to the 2023 Convention, the nomination must be received before April 14, 2023 and include: 

  • the candidate’s name; 
  • a short text explaining why the candidate qualifies for life membership;
  • the names of the nominator and seconder.

All nominations must be emailed to

To be receivable, nominations must comply with the following policy:

  • Life membership can only be awarded to a former PSAC-Quebec member.
  • Life membership nominations may only be submitted in writing by a member in good standing of PSAC-Quebec.
  • All nominations are sent to the PSAC-Quebec office and are then forwarded to the Life Membership Committee for review. The committee reviews all the nominations and makes the relevant recommendations at the next Quebec Council meeting.
  • These recommendations are discussed at that meeting.
  • The Quebec Council votes on the recommendations by secret ballot. A majority (2/3) vote is required for concurrence or non-concurrence with a recommendation.
  • If a life member becomes a member in good standing again, life membership privileges will be suspended while the person is a member in good standing.


  • Be retired.
  • Have been as a trade unionist at PSAC-Quebec for at least 10 years.
  • Have provided outstanding service to members through diligent personal effort within PSAC-Quebec.

Rewards and privileges

  • Life members are given a PSAC-Quebec life membership card and certificate at convention after they are nominated by the Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP).
  • Life members are given a gift card of up to $100.
  • The recipient of this honour is invited to that convention as set out in PSAC-Quebec Regulation 6.
  • Life members are invited to every convention. No allowance is provided.