Member benefits: access to justice and assistance with day-to-day legal matters

PSAC-Quebec and Brunet & Associés are partnering to offer more benefits to members and their families.

Brunet & Associés is a multidisciplinary firm whose lawyers, notaries and family mediators specialize in day-to-day legal matters. With an average of 15 years’ experience, its professionals can help members prevent and manage personal conflicts. They can assist with a wide range of matters, including marital issues (marriage, divorce), children (adoption, custody), seniors (protection, incapacity, housing), estates (wills, rendering of accounts, contestation) and property (purchase, sale, neighbourhood disturbances, latent defects). Brunet & Associés guarantees professional and confidential service.


Through this partnership, Brunet & Associés undertakes to offer all members and their families:

  • a free consultation of approximately 30 minutes
  • a discount of approximately 25% on lawyer and notary fees (hourly or flat rate)
  • emergency services seven days a week
  • free information seminars
  • legal coaching.

The free consultation will allow you and your family to quickly get legal information, a rundown of available strategies and a cost estimate for each one, factoring in the discount you are eligible for as a PSAC-Quebec member. 

You can use our emergency services to get in touch with our civil and family law professionals seven days a week for a prompt and accurate legal opinion regarding your situation.

If needed, you can also access the resource network we have developed over the years and work with regularly. This network includes psychologists, parental coaches, accountants, actuaries and trust and estate professionals.

Since access to justice also hinges on access to digestible legal information, Brunet & Associés provides free information seminars on current or relevant issues presented in the form of 45–60 minute interactive workshops in person or by videoconference. 

Finally, to further support access to justice, we have developed a legal coaching service through which self-represented litigants can get periodic assistance from one of our lawyers, drastically reducing the cost of conflict resolution or litigation. 

Rest assured that the details of the consultations and the identity of those who use Brunet & Associés services will never be shared with PSAC-Quebec.

To contact Brunet & Associés or for more information, call the firm at 514.Famille (514.326.4553) or toll free at 1.855.505.1515, or visit their website at