Alternate REVP-Québec Election: 3rd round is required

The result of the election that ended at 5 pm tonight did not result in a simple majority. A third round will be necessary. Delegates will receive June 3rd an email by Intelivote. Since we can’t separate two of the three candidates, we will proceed to the third round with the same candidates.

The results are:

  • Members with right to vote: 131
  • Lyne Cartier :44
  • François Paradis : 25
  • France Filion : 25
  • Spoiled ballot: 0
  • Simple majority: 48

If you haven’t received anything by noon June 3rd, please contact Marie-Ange Mundela at 1-438-315-3113 or She will help you find a solution and make voting easier.

Note that you have until June 4 at 5 p.m. to vote. The results will be announced on the same day, no later than around 6 p.m.

Don’t forget that Marie-Ange is there if you have difficulty voting electronically for your candidate.

In solidarity,

Greg McGillis, Chief Electoral Officer