How do strikes work? – Resources for UTE members

Are you a member of the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE)? We’ve compiled a list of useful resources to help you prepare for a potential strike.

For starters, you can watch How do strikes work?, a training video prepared by PSAC-Quebec. In under 15 minutes, regional representatives Manon Ouellet and Mélanie Desrosiers go over the ins and outs of bargaining, explain the importance of mobilization, and discuss different ways to obtain a fair work contract.

It’s important to show your colors. Your negotiating team needs your support and the best way to show your colleagues and employer that you deserve a fair and equitable contract is to use the Strike Alert background.

For the latest news about the Canada Revenue Agency members’ strike vote, we’ve created a mini website. It includes a very useful FAQ that should hopefully answer most of your questions.

For more general information, you can also consult the PSAC Strike Manual – Everything you need to know to plan and execute effective strikes. It explains why people strike, how strikes work and what your role during a strike might be.

Finally, make sure to regularly check the latest news on our negotiations with the Canada Revenue Agency and visit your UTE component’s website for updates on your group’s bargaining progress.