Mamadou Ndiaye elected director of PSAC-Quebec equity groups

Mr. Ndiaye is president of the local SEIC-10472 and also vice-president political action of the Quebec-Chaudières Appalaches Regional Council.

Mr. Ndiaye holds a university degree in organizational communication and public relations. He has extensive union and activist experience with PSAC-Quebec and with its Component, CEIU, as having participated in numerous demonstrations, trainings, conferences, conventions and campaigns on the Phoenix scandal. He has actively campaigned with federal and provincial political authorities for members, particularly those who are part of equity groups.

“The fight against discrimination is particularly close to my heart. As a minority, I myself have experienced discrimination. The portrait is distressing. How many of us have lost our physical and mental health due to discrimination? This must stop, we must find definitive solutions to this problem.” – Mamadou Ndiaye

In addition, he has extensive experience in health and safety. He held the position of health and safety vice-president within the Quebec Regional Council, in addition to being health and safety co-president in his own workplace. Its expertise is also recognized in terms of accommodation measures. He has attended several trainings and has supported several members, particularly members from equity groups who need it the most.

For more than 5 years, Mr. Ndiaye has been a member of the Front de justice sociale of the Québec-Chaudière Appalaches region and deals with issues such as access to housing, the fight against homelessness, the cause of social assistance recipients, education for all, Internet access, increased resources for social workers, the fight against hate messages broadcast on garbage radios, the fight against domestic violence, the fight against racism, the fight against homophobia and promotion of inclusion.

Congratulations and great success!