McGill University: Research Assistants and Associates deserve respect

The Association of McGill University Research Employees (AMURE-PSAC) bargaining team has been negotiating with McGill since last year. Since September 9, 2022, we have met on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, McGill’s offer for salaries and raises has been insulting, and demonstrates a complete lack of respect for research assistants and associates: no increase until June 2023 (no increase since June 2020). Their offer for future annual raises is well below what other employees at McGill and research staff at other universities are receiving.

Due to the lack of realistic offers from McGill, AMURE has filed for conciliation with the Quebec government. Our first meeting with McGill and the conciliator is scheduled for March 17, 2023.

Please sign this letter in support of the AMURE bargaining team and research assistants and associates.