PSAC-Quebec supports the LGBTQ2+ in challenging Bill 2

PSAC-Quebec supports the Conseil québécois LGBT in its campaign Pas de recul sur les droits LGBTQI+ against Bill 2An Act respecting family law reform with regard to filiation.

Bill 2 has raised alarm in the LGBTQ2+ community as it rolls back major gains that could set us back several years.

Among other things, Bill 2 would once again require people to have permanent sterilizing surgery in order to change their sex designation on their ID documents. Bill 2 also creates separate categories for sex and gender, causing trans people to be outed every time they show their ID. Furthermore, it sets out that if an act of birth is altered, the copy of the act must indicate that fact, exposing trans and non-binary people.

These and other amendments are a clear step back for the LGBTQ2+ community. We ask that the government consult people with relevant expertise to ensure inclusion and achieve an Act that truly respects human rights.

Support the Conseil québécois LGBT by signing a letter to lobby your MP.