Register now: Understanding your Collective Agreement – new online course for PSAC members

The PSAC Education Program is excited to release a new online course – Understanding your Collective Agreement

This course: 

  • Explores your rights as a unionized worker; 
  • Unpacks the role of your collective agreement in the workplace; 
  • Gives basic tips on how to use your collective agreement; 
  • Shares what happens when your collective agreement is breached by looking at grievances and the grievance process; 
  • Explores ways you can strengthen your collective agreement each and every day.  

This course is ideal for new members or any members interested in deepening their knowledge of the collective agreement. It is also an excellent resource for shop stewards and members interested in becoming a part of a bargaining team. 
Understanding your Collective Agreementis part of a growing suite of online courses available to all PSAC members. Members can do these courses on their own time and at their own pace. Once you complete a course, you can download a certificate and your progress will be tracked in our membership database. 
You can sign up now forUnderstanding your Collective Agreement or access all courses offered through the Online Education program.