Training video: How do strikes work?

If you’re a PSAC-Quebec member working under the Treasury Board of Canada, this video is for you!

Please note that the video is available in French audio with English subtitles.

Have you been hearing people at work talk about a standstill in negotiations and a potential strike vote? Are you unsure what to think? Concerned by the prospect of a strike?

PSAC-Quebec is proud to present its training video “How do strikes work?”

“A strong strike mandate is the best way to reach a settlement quickly and without necessarily having to take strike action.” 

Regional representatives Manon Ouellet and Mélanie Desrosiers go over the ins and outs of bargaining, explain the importance of mobilization, and discuss different ways to obtain a fair work contract.

Come join us for a short workshop on strike action and mobilization.

In this short training video, we’ll go over:

  • How strikes work,
  • Types of strike,
  • Strike planning,
  • Strike pay and allowances,
  • Mobilization,
  • Myths around the strike,
  • and more…

Find out everything you need to know about strikes here!

For more information, see the PSAC Strike Manual: Everything you need to know to plan and execute effective strikes.