Media Advisory – Rally by Federal Public Service Workers: Some Respect, Mr. Trudeau!

MONTREAL, Tuesday, January 15, 2019 — The Public Service Alliance of Canada, Quebec Region, is holding a rally at noon on Wednesday, in front of the Sherbrooke Gouverneur OTL, to remind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ministers of their promise to do better than the Conservatives and treat their public service workers with respect.

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are taking us for granted!” said Yvon Barrière, Regional Executive Vice-President of PSAC-Quebec. “Just before the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau sent an open letter to federal public service workers stating that unlike the Conservatives, the Liberals would treat us with respect. Four years later, with federal elections approaching, it’s time for him to make good on his promise!”

Let’s not forget that the federal government is dragging its heels on making the necessary corrections to the 200,000 pay errors still active in the Phoenix system. To add insult to injury, the government has proposed an offensive wage freeze in the current negotiations with Treasury Board.

WHAT: PSAC Rally: Some Respect, Mr. Trudeau!

WHERE: Sherbrooke Gouverneur OTL, King West Street

WHEN: Wednesday, January 16 (11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.)

About PSAC-Quebec
PSAC represents more than 180,000 members across Canada. An FTQ affiliate, PSAC-Quebec has more than 40,000 members in the federal public, academic and private sectors.